Sunday, 27 July 2008

what a night..

Dear beautiful strangers,,

hows everyone feeling??! i feel gutted! knackered! and loads more.. just got back from lunch at the Outsider with my friend F*ith. havent seen her for months, as she was in Tanzania, doing voluntary work in a hosp there. i salute people who are into charities and things like that. i have to admit-i dont do that. i want to. but have never really begun to sort out anything at all. so yes, all i do expects money as an exchange. hik.

i woke up at 12 noon today, awaken by Faith's phone call. and went straight to lunch. checked my phone and i saw 12 misscalls!! that's odd. they are all from Al*son, and a guy friend called H*wk. hmm, i wondered why. but i couldnt care less. was so hungry. so i really enjoyed my potato, cray fish with garlicky fries and ice-cream for dessert.

when i was walking back home, Al*son called again...

Al*son: azzurri you there? (sounded very anxious)
me: yes! speaking.
A: what do you think we should do?
me: do what?! what do you mean?
A: about H*wk!

.... that was when everything just started to come back into my mind like patches of memory re-organizing themselves in my head...

so last night...

i started my night with my dinner at TigerLily..with T*m. just to catch up. we shared loads of stories. he's being cheeky and cute as usual. but i always said to him tht he's ugly. and he always thinks i keep saying that because i fancy him. but to be honest, i just love our friendship too much, and hence i need to always think that he's 'ugly'..anyway, i didnt eat that much, as i was wearing the very very tight low-cut blue top. yes i went all out last night! i was upset and that's what i do when i am upset. fashion makes me happy. food doesnt!

we then went straight to Ol*via's for her party. such an amazing flat! so posh! i m so jealous :p anyway, so much cakes and cocktails to enjoy, but i was stuffed. when i came in, i could see a few naughty eyes were already on me. probably because of my low-cut top. and deep inside me, i kinda regretted what i wore. i kinda made a 'diva entrance' to the party with tht top.

met so many cool people. talked to Sarah B*tty, bout our modelling plan. n i blatantly told her to do something with he 'fankles'= fat ankles. hik. she's so hot! but not her legs and ankles. oops im sorry, hehe *joking*. catching up with so many people. which was good.

n that was when Al*son asked me to call H*wk to come to Opal Lounge, a club we were going to after.

'azzurri,, only you can change his mind.....'

i remember that statement. and me being myself, so flattered with that statement, straight away called this bloke. and i NEVER called him before. in fact i dont even have his no on my phone. i just got it last night from Sarah.

Me: hey H*wk. its me azzurri.
H: hey you. what u up to?
Me: come to Opal later. ill get you a guest list under Ol*via's name. so come around!!!
H: err.. im drinking in Spiegel now. but hang on, ill ask C*rlo. i know you want him to come and not me actually.
Me: (shit!) ..

i hung up.

(C*rlo, gorgeous dude, people have been teasing me with this guy. and i of course dont stop them. he's hot! so oh well, why not. hik)

we then went straight to Opal. had so much fun there. really really. until i got so tired from the dance floor and decided to just sit. Al*son came over and was asking where H*wk was. i dont think he came to opal at all last night. apparently someone told me he had to be in Labour Ward very early morning today.

we ended up texting him via Al*son's phone all night long. H*wk didnt know who we were. we were taking the piss out of him. we were playing strangers, trying to stalk. he enjoyed it at first. but after a while he got so annoyed. haha..!

and we were like..' hey you, come out! we are thinking of having an after-party at the playground afterwards. come out!!!!!' ---that was around 2am.
(why playground? i did go to the playground with my ex before. at 4am. such a memorable plaec to me..)

H*wk replied..'that's the worst plan ever. dont want anyone to get r*ped there'
(to be honest, i dont understand what this meant. i dont know if he was actually worried for himself or for us. hik)

and these 'sms-reply' sessions went on and on until he got kinda annoyed since he didnt know who we were.. and we were not even regretting it.............. UNTIL NOW! now now now!

i dont know what's gonna happen next. coz it's not hard to find the owner of that phone number (Al*son's)... and he will eventually figure this out and i will come off very badly!

i think i will call Al*son now and discuss any sort of damage control that can be done. any ideas?

p/s: did i mention, i am gonna have a flat-warming party in 2 weeks time, on the 8th, Friday. and the theme would be 'the more skin, the better'. hik! so come!!! :P

pp/s: and didn't i mention earlier, i got misscalls from H*wk???!!!!! do you think he's figured it out already??! shit im screwed..


Anonymous said...

wahh azzurri...such a playgirl ah know i never know that a med student will have a life that is un-stressful like you (based on ur post so far..heheh) most of my friends who took med will say that they don't have that much time to go out and have a lil bit of fun..most of them say they have too much work..but then some of my friends who also took med does not actually look that busy...they can go out and have fun...hmm...curious lah..hehehe

azzurri said...

mana ade playgirl??!! i'm single but not available until now okay. that shows how non-playgirl i am ;)

and hello cik abg oi,
im busy okay. ill be working my as* off on weekdays. weekends are the time to have a break. tak percaya, tanya kadok. hik.
(i'm in the hosp now having lunch when i'm replying to you)

i dont know how medical school in malaysia goes. but ill be in HKL end of this year to experience it for a month. will be in KL for 'overseas attachment'.


Anonymous said...

aiyoh...KL is 'overseas attachment'..huhuu...whatever..kadok pon doc juga kah???