Friday, 18 July 2008

rude or honest?

situation 1

consultant: ***, how many stages of haemorrhoids?
me: err.. i dont know Sir. i'm sorry.
consultant: there are 4 stages! ***, describe to me each of them!!!
me: i couldnt answer your first question, so i believe that established the fact tht i dont know anything abt the stages.
consultant: how could you not know but some people might know?!
me: i presume different people read different things...?!
consultant: *angry* See me in my office tomorrow!
me: (Shit!)

Situation 2 the library...

old man: you shouldnt eat in the library! *shouting*
some girl: *quiet, stop chewing, start keeping her chocolate bar in her bag and was about to be tearful*
old man: how could you do that??? this isnt the place to eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *shouting even louder*
some girl: *looking confused as she has stopped eating but still getting screamed at*
me: *whispering to the old man* excuse me Mr. can you please ssshhh?! quiet please. the last time i checked, this place was still a library. besides eating, you're not allowed to scream too. so please..
old man: *buzzed off looking angry*
some girl: *smile at me*
me: *confused* i rude,and too out-spoken? or am i just being honest with what i feel?


kad0k said...

i think its honest la...and some grudge too...:p

azzurri said...

grudge? i dont have grudge.. hehe!