Wednesday, 23 July 2008

being flirty?

i dont think i am that bitchy! but i cant stand someone being so flirtatious in any inappropriate atmosphere. get a grip woman!

anyway.. i have been seeing this 'thing' going on for the past two weeks in the hosp. there is a new guy (student doctor like me too) in my ward group. let me call him, robert. he's not 'wow', but cute, dress well, good body, looking very sophisticated, and yes he's English. one thing abt this guy that grabbed my attention was his intelligence! he basically knows everything. BUT another thing annoyed me so much, he loved to ask so many Questions. he has this Super Ass-Kissing Power! but oh well, im not going to talk abt that.

in my group too, there's a girl. let me call her D*ana.. my friend. yeah i can consider her as one. but my friendship with her looks kinda awkward. we can be nice to each other on one day, but things could just turn upside down on another day. when i say 'upside down' i mean, we could just ignore and 'blank' each other for no apparent reason.

for me, there was a 'reason' actually. she used to be SO FLIRTATIOUS with the guy i was in love with. please note the word 'was' there. yes it's a past tense as it's over. one thing hurt me the most, she used to show me her sympathy every time i had low moments with that guy, without me realizing she was actually trying to prove to me otherwise- proving to me she' hotter, she could get any guys she wanted by being so 'lovey-dovey' w tht guy in front of my face!!!

and the history is repeated... for these past 2 weeks, she has been so flirtatious with this Robert guy. and the fact that i knew she wasnt actually serious with any guys, annoys me so much today! how do i know all these? she SAID IT to me when she was drunk before... she was like,' azzurri (me), i used to like T*m (another friend of mine- good friend), he's hot..! but i've been playing 'hard-to-get' and now he started to show interest in me. that's such a turn-off!!!!' and just so you know people, my friend T*m has cried a few times to me,being broken-hearted with the 'game' she's been playing with him. poor guy.......

so when i saw it happening again to Robert, i was like- THAT'S IT D*ana!! so in the tutorial today, there was an empty seat in front of me. just so you know guys, i DONT REALLY KNOW this robert guy. he's new in the group. today he was late for the tutorial. when he came in, everyone was already seated including D*ana.

i was like..'Robert, come and sit infront of me, i hv been saving this seat for you........' in an intonation that i would never expect could have come out from my mouth. haha! and he was like ..'bless you azzurri...' and smiled. we had a good time in the tutorial.. ;) (you know what im talking abt)- by the way, im definitely not this type of person usually, but i kinda have to do this to teach someone a lesson!

when the tutorial's finished, i walked out with robert and unfortunately D*ana joined us-as expected. and of course she had just appeared and straight away squeezed in to walk BETWEEN me and robert. until suddenly robert said 'azzurri, i like you, you're such a legend!' (and i knew he didnt mean it in a romantic way, it was such a friendly statement)... and i was like 'Reallllllllyyyyy? that's weird because this is actually your very THIRD sentence to me, i dont know what i did to be liked??! in that case, excuse me D*ana, it's pretty clear that i deserve more to be walking in between you guys now...' (and i swear i said it in a joking-ly manner.coz i swear i DONT fancy robert at all! i just want to annoy D*ana and teach her a lesson= NOT TO BE TO FLIRTATIOUS, ESPECIALLY IN A HOSPITAL ENVIRONMENT!! WHO ARE YOU KIDDING?!

...and you guys actually have got to be there to see the expression on her face after i squeezed through to be the centre of them two... anger+jealousy+'i wanna kill azzurri' look=D*ana Flirtikova! hahaha...

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