Thursday, 23 October 2008

life is good!

Dear beautiful strangers

that's the first thing i wanna say. it had been a very bz 16 weeks for me, now i am released
yesterday i sat for my Paediatrics Professional Exam, and we got the results on the same day,
because the resit would be today, in the morning..

yes it was scary
it was nerve-wrecking
you have no idea.
i couldnt even take a good nap after the exam yesterday while waiting for the results
so i went to the bank instead just to keep myself busy
there were so many stuffs to settle at the bank before i leave the country
it took me 2 hours to do everything at the bank
i came back home after that
took a shower
that was then A*vin called me to meet up for tea, at his place

i went to his place, had a good chat and catching up
my phone vibrated, a msg from Al*son

'the results are out, i did so badly'


and i knew she knew way better than i did
she was really smart
i had a mini-stroke
i was torn.
i didnt know if i shud check my results straight away
..but i thot i kinda had to
in a worst case scenario, i might have to resit today

so i went to check using A*vin's PC
'we are glad to tell you that you have achieved 85% in your Paediatrics Professional Examination. Congratulations!'

oh my God! that was a good news as i really thot the exam was such a murderer! i am really really glad. so glad.
i had been through a lot in this rotation.
i worked so hard (hence the rubbish blog. sorry)
and i think i deserve this.
Thank you God.

Remember i mentioned in my previous previous update, i had 3 good news to tell:

first: i got 96% for my Surgery Professional Exam, a month back
second: i was ranked in the first Quartile in the course!
and third: i have received my Mensa IQ Score Results, and i got 164! and now i am a member of Mensa!

ahh... i am so happy just now! like flying to the moon. everything is going great, despite the fact i still dont have a boyfriend. haha! but who cares. i love my career. and i love my life!

p/s: see you guys in KL soon-i.e. next week! :D


Friday, 17 October 2008

important entry!

Dear beautiful strangers

i am in the hospital library
checking my emails and blog..
tapi i cant concentrate!
i am extremely distracted!

this guy sitting next to me is REEEEAAAALLLYYYY HOT!!!
who is he??! damn, ok i need to go.. to investigate.

Thursday, 16 October 2008


Dear beautiful strangers

i am sorry. i am extremely ridiculously busy
i have exam next week. i am struggling now actually

the good news is- i'll be flying back to KL immediately after that
my schedule is actually still all over the place.
i will be spending a few nights in London after exam
then fly back to KL
and i may need to go to Sabah or Sydney after that,
-but that is still under discussion with my parents and the hospitals there.

however, the most important thing, ill be having a break for 3 months!
yes! i have not had holidays for the past 20 weeks.

ill talk to you soon right dearies
i have missed updating you guys with my pathetic stories.
we'll see. i hope i can squeeze in some time at any of the airports to update my blog
but i still love all of you :)


Wednesday, 1 October 2008

happy raya :D

Dear beautiful strangers

i am sorry for being rubbish updating my blog.
i was sent to a rural hospital for the past 3 weeks, and fasting at that time wasnt easy
penat, but yes. it's over alhamdulillah.

i hope it's not too late to wish all sayangs, happy raya!
Eid Mubarak :)
apology for anything bad i have said and done in my blog (azzureak, i am sorry if i hurt you in any ways)
i hope we can all continue being blog friends.

i ahve 3 good news to mention in my blog.
but i still wanna keep it for a special entry.
will let you know soon....................

today is the second eid day in here
i am now in the library working
i dont celebrate it
i have told my family, if i was not with my family, i would not celebrate it at all
so here i am, doing work.

but you guys have fun
remember me when you eat all those amazing food (i dunno the names of all this wonderful food served on hari raya in malaysia-- but i learnt a lot from your blog,captainhooked ;))