Wednesday, 21 January 2009

big decision

Dear beautiful strangers

how's everyone doin?
just so everyone know i am already back in the UK
working in the far hospital i worked before.

i am well thanks.
coming back from 3 months being in Malaysia is never a good thing
feeling sad leaving everyone back home

however when i was in malaysia
i missed everyone and my life here

what a weird feeling
what do i do?

to top it up, i have a huge decision to make
my job place in the future
near future actually
this july.

KL or Leeds UK?


i dont know...


Saturday, 3 January 2009

dengue fever..sigh

Dear beautiful strangers

... just a quick note to say
if ur wondering about my silence for a wee months
i am actually recovering from dengue fever
my entire family and i have caught the fever after we got back from Borneo
it's been a nightmare for everyone of us
even until now we r not totally cured, still rehydrating ourselves.
will get back to business once it's all over