Friday, 14 November 2008

post full of Questions!

Dear beautiful strangers...

How have you been? thanks for the responses to my previous posts.

Yes, i will be going to Melaka! Here i come!

1. i am going to Putrajaya too on Sunday, any place i should check out over there?

btw, i just realised hosting isnt a piece of cake.
i am really tired just now, showing people around. it's not like i know so much anyway.
but yes, i just missed my own sweet time i have to myself.
the thing is, all my scottish friends need me to go everywhere.
we just need to do everything together.
and i am kinda stressed out on what the plans are every single day. to keep them entertained.
now i am tired.
and i m sure my family has been feeling a bit weird as i didnt spend as much time with them since i got back.
huh... i am sorry for feeling this way. but i am tired, physically and emotionally.

tonight hopefully i am going to karaoke and drinks. just to ease my emotions a lil bit.
this is fun, dont get me wrong. but it's been continuously bz and my time is occupied all the time.

anyway, the fans of Dr C*rlo C*resa, he emailed me yesterday *how shweeet*
he asked how my time had been spent in KL. he had not been going out so much, but the last time he went out was to a ball and to a Halloween Party where he dressed up as a baby and he said the ladies were loving it!

how do you think he wants me to react to that? for Goodness sake, cant he tell i like him, and is it appropriate to say such things to a girl who likes you? but too bad, im not gonna react in any ways. i am cool.

but yeap, i miss him tho. he is actually my longest crush ever. haha! so girls out there (or guys!) 2. when should i reply to that email? i need to play cool/hardtoget remember? so when's the earliest for me to reply to that?

p/s: i have already numbered TWO questions (in bold) in this post. so can you sweet readers help me answer to both? thank you huns.


Tuesday, 11 November 2008

help me decide!

Dear beautiful strangers..

Should i go to Pangkor Island or bring my Scottish friends travel around Malacca whilst visiting my new niece, Mia? please decide for me..

Pangkor: it's an island, further from KL, shud be nice BUT such a hassle to drive up to Lumut, will cost more and i have gone for a beach vacation anyway, so it could be redundant!

Melaka: nearer, cost less, dont have to drive much, can visit Mia at the same time, BUT not a beach, so probably wont be as scenic.

so which one guys?


Sunday, 9 November 2008

new update!

Dear beautiful strangers

Hows my lovelies out there?
Sayangs, i am rreeeeaaallllyyyy sorry..
i thought Malaysia would be the start of me relaxing
but No no no.. Kuala Lumpur Hospital isnt a piece of cake!!
Busy.. busy.. busy..
Road traffic accident everywhere..
so sayang2 ku.. tolong lah... tolonglah drive or ride ur bike carefully
i wanna eat my lunch my dinner at proper times tau
sometimes i had to delay my meals because new cases came in!
kesian la kat i if you dont kesian at your own life!

guess where i am now?
i am in Langkawi !
it has been amazing sayangs
i have done island hopping, swimming in the sea like no one's business,
eagle feeding
shark feeding
now i think i look more malay, i wanna have a natural tan, not putting a fake tan all the time!
by the way, my feet got sun-burnt so badly. my back too. they have been really really sore.
i looked like a lobster at one point!

i wanted to come to langkawi to experience the authentic malay life
but i didnt get the chance
as i came with my scottish friends
we went to bars everynight and ran into so many white guys
so we ended up hanging out together
its been fun
tmr im gonna do road trip around langkawi
i'll be driving! so we'll see where we end up.

and also
i want to make an announcement to ALL MALAYSIANS who i might run into::::


anyway to anyone who's been following my on and off crush towards Dr C*rlo C*resa,
he came to my apartment on the last night before i left UK for Malaysia
the thing is, he'd been emailing and texting me a few days before.
but i replied to them a day before i left
that was when we ended up having coffeee at starbucks
and he said he wanted to come to mine that night
and he did
we watched a movie 'like heaven' starring Reese Witherspoon, whilst i was packing up,
had a bottle of wine, just the two of us, the moment was just spectacular!
and that's the progress for now.
nothing happened since then, coz i was off to Malaysia.

that's my update for now.
going back to KL tmr night,
and start working again the day after...

so sayangs....
love you