Monday, 22 September 2008

i lost. for the second time.

Dear beautiful strangers

last Friday. fancy dinner. with my surgery group.
i organized it.
at the Kismot Restaurant. Indian food based.
great restaurant. you are allowed to bring wine and beer, which was important.
food was amazing.

the company? it was alright.
R*bert was there.............................and Di*na too.
i spent the whole day to look good.
went to do my hair at 12 noon.
did my nails alone.
chose my velvet white dress which enhanced my boobs.
and sprayed on my favourite perfume D&G The One.

R*bert came with Di*na.
i was fine with that. totally. even tho i knew Di*na was playing a game.
to hurt me.
Dinner was great, i mingled a lot. so didnt concentrate on Robert alone or anyone else in particular.
i was with everyone. coz i felt obliged to do so.
i have to say, Diana looked pretty that night.

we planned to go to LaMonde Pub after that, for drinks and hang out.
i invited Di*ana. She said No as she needed to meet up with 'someone' after that.
then i wanted to ask R*bert.
before i managed to open my mouth to ask him, Di*ana shook her head and gave a signal to R*bert not to go.

that was then Robert said....
...sorry azzurri, i promised Di*ana to walk her back..

entah la. i rasa Di*na selfish!
because its supposed to be a group fun
and i know she was meeting up with someone else later that night
and NOT with R*bert.

and R*bert being 'smart', was willing to jeopardize his own fun just to walk a girl back.
plain stupid.
jealous? yes i am. because he's kinda made his choice on who's winning between me n Di*na.

some of you might wonder about Dr C*rlo C*resa. i will write about him in the next update.
have been trying to run away from him because this is it between us. i am done.

p/s: before Di*ana and R*bert left, Di*na actually turned back and winked at me! yes! BITCH is the word you're looking for.

Monday, 15 September 2008


Dear beautiful strangers,

i am homesick.
rindu mama.
rindu papa.
rindu Mimi, my sister.
rindu Hilmi, my brother
rindu my cousins.
rindu my grandpa.
rindu my aunties, uncles.
rindu my nephews. Darius, Fabian
rindu home sweet home.
ah.. rindunya. i sedih.

ok. i nak sambung napping. it's NHS holiday here today. thank God.

i am done

Dear beautiful strangers

No more Dr C*rlo C*resa.
it's all over.


Thursday, 11 September 2008

Azzurri, unintentional stalker!

Dear beautiful strangers,

i went to computer lab.
i saw Tim
decided to sit next to him.
and i did.
thats when i realised the other table next to me had already been occupied as well by someone.
could see lots of books and files
i didnt care

i asked Tim, 'where's Dr C*rlo? have u seen him at all today?'
Tim. probably jealous, said 'Azzurri. i dont care.'
and i was like .'okay. but you dont have to be rude.'

at the same time.
i took a glance at the books at the other table next to mine.
stated clearly on one of the books 'C*rlo C*resa'


talking about 'meant to be?!' Hiks! hahahahahaaaa...

and instantly, he just appeared in front of me.

C*rlo: Hi Azzurri!
me: Hi (blushed, obviously!) thing led to another, of course..

Tim whispered to me from the other side.
'you know you dont really come off so good now'

me: Why?!

.........................a looooooooonnnnggggggg pause..

Tim: you actually look like you have been stalking him, dont you realize that?

that was when i remembered all C*rlo's friends were actually smiling in a cheeky way after they saw me sitting next to Carlo's table.

this is just great! i'm a stalker now!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

my uterus contracting!

Dear Beautiful Strangers...

one BIG word for today!
i just finished an endless ward round in children ward,
lepas tuh, i sempat main 'sticking pictures' with one little boy, Liam
he's admitted because of bronchiolitis- inflammation of bronchial tree..
he's wheezy, coughing all the time
he's tiny little body shaken every time he had to cough something up
but nothing came out.

kesian dier, baru 1.5 tahun dah experienced so much
did i tell you guys, i love kids so much? too much actually!
being in the wards with them make me so happy, i just wanna play with them,
make them happy, make them smile, make them love me.
in fact, sekarang i dah mula rindu dgn boy tadi.. Liam.. i am too sensitive!

before i left, he said something with his kid accent.. so cute..

'Doctor, where are ya goin? r u comin back t'play with mey?'

it broke my heart.. really really broke my heart when he said that
but i had to leave, to work...

'to baby boy liam, i wish i could put you in my pocket and bring you back with me sweetie'

....there's nothing i could do, i had to work. so i went to him and smelt his head, and kissed his cheeks... uterus started contracting.. again!

Sunday, 7 September 2008

random-ness 2

Dear beautiful strangers,

hows everyone doing?
ampun kan i so much for being crap in updating my blog.
bz having fun this weekend la sayangs..

when i am typing this, its 747 pm which means another 10mins before i can eat
i hv been quite good in fasting this year
i didnt complain about hunger or thirst that much
probably, the weather has been helping me a lot

i am trying to cook nasi lemak today after 3 months not eating rice,
my mom suggested nasi lemak for my meal today
so i was like...'why not? i have not been eating rice for 3 months. so tonight may be the night'
my mom..'WHAT??! YOU HAVE NO RICE FOR 3 MONTHS?what is the matter with you? i blame your dad's English blood in you!!!'
..i thought that was really hillarious..

and also, someone said i was getting thinner,
she said i looked like a lollipop!
what a b*tch!! haha....
i think she might be rightt..... i ll start eating really well from now on....

and also, i had a fantastic tame weekend..
will share it with you soon.
till then, allow me to eat now sayangs...

(someone has been forgetting about me sejak puasa started... hmmm.... probably he's having fun break-fasting with his family kan? poor me....)


Wednesday, 3 September 2008


dEar BeAutiful sTrangeRs,

hi sayangs..
i fasted for the first time today.
had a few people coming to my apartment for dinner.
prepared simple dishes as i didnt have so much time to do anything fancy.
cheesy nachos with salsa and chicken salad for starters.
roasted lamb, mashed potatoes, carrots and cheesy cauliflowers for main meal.
cheese cake for dessert.
apple juice as a complementary.

kenyang sangaaaatttttt.................

i got my SSC results yesterday.
and i got 90% for that! yes, i am really really glad!
so i'm going to present my project's proposal next week. in front of the head of the Hospital,
scary, i know.
but do you know what is at the top of my head right now???

i sedang fikir, baju ape yg i nak pakai during the presentation? hiks!

and also,
you guys.
i think i have this huge crush on this guy, Dr C*rlo C*****,
picture below, mind you.
but he's been ignoring me for the past few days.
bummer!~how do you get over your crush?? any tips girls??? (or boys?)

kenape yer? he's playing hard to get? he's not interested at all?
ok. stop Azzurri.
get ready for the presentation!
and doakan i could pass well in my previous exam you guys.

love Azzurri.