Thursday, 11 September 2008

Azzurri, unintentional stalker!

Dear beautiful strangers,

i went to computer lab.
i saw Tim
decided to sit next to him.
and i did.
thats when i realised the other table next to me had already been occupied as well by someone.
could see lots of books and files
i didnt care

i asked Tim, 'where's Dr C*rlo? have u seen him at all today?'
Tim. probably jealous, said 'Azzurri. i dont care.'
and i was like .'okay. but you dont have to be rude.'

at the same time.
i took a glance at the books at the other table next to mine.
stated clearly on one of the books 'C*rlo C*resa'


talking about 'meant to be?!' Hiks! hahahahahaaaa...

and instantly, he just appeared in front of me.

C*rlo: Hi Azzurri!
me: Hi (blushed, obviously!) thing led to another, of course..

Tim whispered to me from the other side.
'you know you dont really come off so good now'

me: Why?!

.........................a looooooooonnnnggggggg pause..

Tim: you actually look like you have been stalking him, dont you realize that?

that was when i remembered all C*rlo's friends were actually smiling in a cheeky way after they saw me sitting next to Carlo's table.

this is just great! i'm a stalker now!


Anonymous said...

aha! sitting to the next table made you a stalker?? haha...

arep said...

ermmm.. no wonder no one want to sit next to mine.. hahahaha..