Wednesday, 3 September 2008


dEar BeAutiful sTrangeRs,

hi sayangs..
i fasted for the first time today.
had a few people coming to my apartment for dinner.
prepared simple dishes as i didnt have so much time to do anything fancy.
cheesy nachos with salsa and chicken salad for starters.
roasted lamb, mashed potatoes, carrots and cheesy cauliflowers for main meal.
cheese cake for dessert.
apple juice as a complementary.

kenyang sangaaaatttttt.................

i got my SSC results yesterday.
and i got 90% for that! yes, i am really really glad!
so i'm going to present my project's proposal next week. in front of the head of the Hospital,
scary, i know.
but do you know what is at the top of my head right now???

i sedang fikir, baju ape yg i nak pakai during the presentation? hiks!

and also,
you guys.
i think i have this huge crush on this guy, Dr C*rlo C*****,
picture below, mind you.
but he's been ignoring me for the past few days.
bummer!~how do you get over your crush?? any tips girls??? (or boys?)

kenape yer? he's playing hard to get? he's not interested at all?
ok. stop Azzurri.
get ready for the presentation!
and doakan i could pass well in my previous exam you guys.

love Azzurri.


Anonymous said...

maybe because he idn get ur signal???hahaha...i really am hopeless in this thing

kadok said...


azzurri said...

am: i dont know am. havent seen him for a few days. missed him tho. but what for? he didnt even remember me probably. i think i shud just give up on this guy :(

kadok: what is good?

CapTaiN HooKeD said...

I suggest, pakai Vera Wang dress for presentation, TUUDIAH mengarut di bulan posa.Pakai sari mcm kawan saya Dr Kishwar Sultan masa keje di Stobhill pun ok jugak... alamak mengarut lagi!!!! Anyway selamat menyambut Ramadhan to you gal!! Have a nice weekend.... Mesti you bz gila kan gal? Tak update blog, dah bersawang keluar kelawar semua masa I dtg

azzurri said...

captainhooked: hey hey! you sound so much better than the last time. great!!!!! anyway happy fasting to you too dear. presentation ideas tuh, i love sari.. but i dont know if i could pull it off. and i wanna look a profesionnally slutty. hehe.. just for the attention! hiks!