Sunday, 31 August 2008

i win... i think!

Dear beautiful strangers,

this morning, my friend J*ss sent me an MMS,
with a tagline..'recognize this??!'-->referring to the photo up there!

that photo made me smile straight away,
what a way to start my day,
with a photo of Dr C*rlo C*****, hehe...

Jass has been saying how beautiful/broad/sexy Carlo's back is.
i never understood that, until i received the photo above this am.

I replied to Jass:
"dont you ever dare stalking my boy from behind, woman! :P"
she then said:
"best woman wins!"
and well.. after that i went to facebook, and i saw a reminder
"Azzurri.. you were poked by Carlo C*****"

...hiks! i guess i have won then.... :)

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