Monday, 11 August 2008

a confession nak kurus!

Dear beautiful strangers,

i am now having a lunch break in the hosp.
i was in the operation theatre the entire a.m.
will be there the entire p.m. too later
hope things will get more and more interesting

anyway, it's so not appropriate for me to write about my party right now
as the mood to actually explain it isnt there yet!
i am in the hosp for heaven's sake, what do you actually expect? hiks! :)

however, i need to answer a few emails i got from some beautiful strangers
people asked me the significance of the photo at the top right of this page
the photo of half of a woman's face, and two legs
i have been thinking thouroughly
and i decided to confess
that's actually my photos,
they were parts of my portfolio when i was involved in part-time modelling a year ago
that was why i commuted back and forth between milan-london-edinburgh (read previous post)
that was why i just put half of my face and just the legs:
i dont want anyone who knows me to recognize me instantly
but i just realized, who actually would give a damn about it?
and what's the worst that could happen anyway?! hehe..

just so you know, that was then, when i was 47-49kilos,
i now weigh 54 kilos, and i stopped modelling temporarily,to concentrate on my medical career
i dont know if i should continue tho (dah gemuk! hiks!)
Liverpool winter fashion show and Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show are coming up
i am tempted to join, but i am fatter now.
so if i could lose 7-8kilos in the next 2 months, then i might do

tengok lah macam mana... i asyik nak makan jer sekarang
in fact semalam i buat haddock pie! and i ate at 10pm for crying out loud!
so bayangkanlah macam mane nak kurus?! you tell me!


kadok said...

do u think i have seen the other half of ur pict?...:p

selagi ada appetite..makan sahaja azzurri..nanti dah x bole makan susah.:)

azzurri said...

kadok: i think you have. hehe! so dont demand for more :)

CapTaiN HooKeD said...

dear azzuri,
I feel like... my world has juz collapsed. If there's a medicine that can ease the pain that i am having, I'd pay a good money for it.

azzurri said...


are you okay?! what has happened dear? be strong, and take things easy yea. count all the blessings, ignore the misery. life is too short for sufferings n pain. email me if you need to talk :)

kadok said...

azzurri..but u still owe me..remember?..:p

marjerin said...

makan benda yang berkhasiat. just maintain ur weight.

adieha said...

wahh.. u r HOT!!! :P
i would kill to have those legs.

azzurri said...

adieha: thank you so much! to be honest, its the photography that enhances the legs. we all should know that. in 21st century anything can be done. hiks. come and visit me alwez..:)


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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RYNN said...

nak kurus? tapi malas nak diet, malas nak exercise.. takut nak makan pill.. meh pakai corset.senang aja