Saturday, 9 August 2008

'thong' problem!

Dear beautiful strangers,

Ni bukan story i mmg planned nak cerita (i tak faham ayat i sendiri)
But i mmg ade tiny little problem,
you know how cold and non-sunny the country i live in right now kan?!
Hence, i just bought a new, fresh from factory, huge, kinda expensive dryer, Philip brand to dry my clothes.
Tp i really really really think that my thongs are too delicate to be in the dryer.
so what should i do?

takkan la i nak dry my thongs kat balcony, next to the windows kan?!
what kinda impression people may get?

...not mine, but i wish it is.. what a nice embroidery..

..........i nak letak dlm oven la, ok tak?! hiks!
Luv Azzurri


Marjerin said...

letak dalam oven ??..ohh, jangan nanti later u makan ur thing..hahaha..just kidding.

gantung sahaja dalam bilik.

anyway, nice thong there. tengah pikir how it will look like when you wearing it. hahahahaha

azzurri said...

dont need to imagine... buat susah2 jer ;)