Monday, 11 August 2008

party! (part 1)

Dear beautiful strangers,

banyak yg tahu about my flat-warming party last friday kan?
hmm... yes, it went well. and the theme was just-------- 'looking really goooooood'! hehe!

that friday went pretty well for me actually.....

around 12noon, i went to Zen Hairstylist to do my hair,
i then decided to do my own nails, and not at any manicurists. kenapa?
becoz i was just thinking, that would be the best time to be creative kan?!
so after buat rambut (is that how u say it in Malay?), i went back and did my nails pulak..

*kalau i rajin, i upload my nails photos okay?!.. hiks!

so for girls, sesiapa yg nak buat manicure, and taknak bayar byk2 at manicurists, and if ur in the UK of coz (hiks), i am more than happy to help...for free, coz i just bought a whole new filing set, complete with one dozen nail colors.. yes 12 colours. hehe.

i coloured my nails silver, as backgrounds. then i put layers of gold, crossing diagonally,
so in the end, they were half silver and half gold. and after that i sprinkled goldusts on the silver area..and tadaaaaaaa.......

...... they just looked awesome and classy!!!!!! hehe. i didnt say it. people said it. hiks!

as usual, before the party started, i just did a normal preparation, cleaning and tidying up the flat!
i know people will be using the entire apartment including all the 3 rooms. so i had to clean everything and everywhere in the apartment. i did my shopping in between. dont ask how much i hv spent for everything..! i dont want to feel guilty :p

i took out my speakers to the lounge, to play my music playlist, continuously, during the party for anyone fancies dancing..
i did all my shopping, fingerfoods, nachos, dips, candies, spirits, siders and 2 bottles of good rosey.
i planned to make my own cocktails for the guests..

i then went into my wardrobe, and chose a grassy green dress, with silver belt, surrounding my waist very tightly (you just want to show ur curves, dont you girls? ;))
and the dress is thigh-length, kinda short i know. but it's a flat party, so i presumed it would be ok. i chose the best bras (light green) with the best bra-strap (embroided!), coz girls, u know, u just need to show that off.. hiks!
i put on my finest accessories, golden earrings and bracelets. no necklace, as i dont want people to be distracted by anything else on my chest, other than my.... hiks!
i chose my silver pair of shoes...
so basically my theme colours tht night were grassy green, silver and gold... including my nails mind you!

while getting ready, i just called dominos pizza, as i havent eaten anything else the entire day,
and i didnt want to eat so much either, didnt want to feel bloated and stuffed! so while waiting for the pizza, i prepared the cocktails..

i had planned to actually make 2 types of cocktails that night: 'Del Boy' and 'Sex On The Beach!' they are sweet and easy to make! and the colour is presentable!

The pizza boy arrived. passed me the pizza, collected the money,........ smiled and winked!!!!! yes he winked! kinda cute.. but too young. hehe.----i was like 'hmmm this is a good start' (*in my heart, of course).. that really raised my confidence and yup! my mood... party mood...

..... all my close girlfriends arrived the earliest generally, before the boys. emma, alison, sarah and be honest, i really couldnt wait for these boys to arrive, i had been very selective in inviting the guests.. i'm sorry, but for a good party, you need to filter your people. as i have said before, whatever you wanna do, do it pretty-ly. including your guests..just choose the pretty ones! hiks! so you can presume the criteria of my guests (esp boys) that night....

we, girls were all gossiping while waiting for these heroes to come...
.......Del, Hawk, Carlo (the most awaited boy by azzurri.hiks. i am having a really really huge crush on this italiano + scottish bloke, just plain handsome.yes he is.), Robert (my hosp partner, remember?), Mike (my gym personal trainer), Ben (jesus-look-alike), Matt (a new hot boy in town), 'hot' Raj (my old crush.. just beautiful-but-boring -3Bs), Blacky...the list could go on and on and on...

.. i was having palpitation while waiting. nervous.just plain nervous. but also, couldnt wait any longer. just wanted to have fun after a while...

*to be continued....


marjerin said...

its seem u are having a pretty good preparation indeed.

si italio said...

eh ni mcm fantasi di alam mimpi jeee

Anonymous said... sounds so much fun leyh..huhuhu...:D...nnt upload eh gamba nails tuh??dr cerita u cam menarik jerk design yg u buat :D

azzurri said...


not so much extra preps. just normal stuff, i prepared a few hours before the party. if other people here, they must have started ages before :)

si italio:

haha. it sounds like a 'fantasy', because you havent heard what happened the rest of the night. hehe. things started well doesnt mean would end well either.


it's fun. but i havent had my own party since last December (my birthday), thats why i went all out! hiks.

alif-mikail said...

to be concluded.. yeah..

azzurri said...

alif-mikail: yes to be concluded soon... hiks!