Sunday, 3 August 2008


Dear beautiful strangers,

Esok i akan berangkat ke Stirling.. working there for a week..
In a place, not familiar to me..
Pray for my safety and pray that i could do my work well for my patients..
I akan cuba buat everything dgn ikhlas untuk semua..
I hope i can have a fair internet access for me to update you guys about myself, for anyone concerns..
Till then, i love you, dear strangers...



Marjerin said...

good luck dear !!

alif-mikail said...

far far away..
bukan takleh access internet kot.. ces!

Anonymous said...

wahhh...psstt...ape lagi azzurri...flirt lah with all the docs there...well if they are young of course!! :D

kad0k said...

im always pray for ur safety..u know that..:)

azzurri said...


thanks dear. i managed to read ur blog yest, you asyik marah2 jer kenapa? nanti, lepas i dah tak bz, kiter citer2 okay?! till then, you hang in there :)


internet kat tempat jauh2 nih not as efficient la.. so sorry :)


flirt? hehe... believe me, i am trying... tapi it's not really appropriate kan, nak flirt in ICU? hiks!


thanks Hun, i know that. sorry havent replied to ur msg. hv been really bz. about that fashion advice, pkai baju (shor sleeve-shirt) bunga2 besar2 and three-quarter kargo (brown) shorts, with big brown hat. sure macho!