Wednesday, 6 August 2008

satisfying exhaustion

Dear beautiful strangers,
sayang-sayangku semua,
truthfully, aku tidak mengabaikan blog ini,
ICU has been so busy in Stirling,
i only have time to just visit the blog and not to write a new post,
give me some time, i have so many stuffs to share,
buat mereka yg masih ingat, tomorrow (Friday) is my party,
i have to rush back home from Stirling tonight,
tired..tapi puas...
aku masih syg semua...
Luv Azzurri


Anonymous said...

amboih friday night trus party yah...hehehee....ICU???waaaahhhh..mesti best kan??*errkk best ker jumpa pesakit2 kronik???konfius akue*

kadok said...

such a relief to hear frm u..tomorrow nite party?we are the same then. my company's grand opening and annual dinner pun malam esok. i dont think the theme suitable la..kesian sungguh. carribean beach nite and grand opening of the company? contra kan? suppose to be casual instead of that carribean beach nite as all the datok2 come over....hahaha

Marjerin said...


Anonymous said...

azzurri, how was the party gurl??