Friday, 29 August 2008

bodoh kan i?

Dear beautiful strangers,

Hi sayang-sayangku semua!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am so glad, i am actually back and manage to post something up
now i have the time.. the freaking blaaarrrrrdddddyyyyyyy time i was depriving of,
because it's all over...

ape yang dah over??

yup i wanna make a list:

1. my horrible Surgery rotation is over.
2. my not-so-horrible Anaesthetic rotation is over
3. my good Critical Care rotation is over
4. and my frickin-tasty Accident & Emergency Rotation is over
5. my night shifts in the hospitals are over
6. my commuting to Stirling is over
7. my late evenings and late nights revision sessions are over
....and most importantly...
8. my exam is overrrrr..........................................! it happened this morning. and i am so glad.

i hope the list has already explained my silence for the past week. sorry sgt2.

(in fact i was actually busy in the Emergency Room with Robert and busy revising in the hospital library with Carlo... hiks! ;) )

hmm.. mlm nih i deserve a real celebration. i have actually slept and eaten in the library for the past weeks okay.

no healthy food
no make ups
no facial cleansing before sleep
no manicure, pedicure-ing..
no hot guys -even tho robert and carlo were around, tapi bukan boleh buat apa2 pun.. i buruk sekarang :(
no long hot bath
no long candles and aromatherapeutic moment
rindu.. i miss my life! i am gonna get those back! whatever it takes.

anyway, sayang2 ku semua..
when i'm typing this, i am still in the hospital library
supposedly, i shud have a lecture right now on Pharmacology
tapi, baru jer i masuk the common room, i saw my Ex,
ahhhh.. benci! benci! i hate the owner of that body!
i hate him. so after buying a cookie, i decided to leave,
but i was stopped by the guy who was talking to my ex at that time.
so basically, my-ex was standing right in front of me-looking at me up down and up and down again.. hiks.

and that guy-mike (the guy who's talking to my ex) was asking how the exam went..
probably a reflex reaction, i straight away said ......

'it was easy! really. and anyway mike, see you at laura's party tonight. i might be slightly late coz i HAVE A DATE AT TIGERLILY before that!'

...sedangkan i am just going to have dinner with my girlfriends there...hehe!

bodoh kan i?

(and also, i decided not to go to the lecture sebab MALAS and BENCI)

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