Sunday, 3 August 2008


Dear beautiful strangers,

First of all, thanks for all the support given when i was down recently, thanks for putting down the comments, thanks for all the private emails, the support on YM and MSN. i am so touched with the feedbacks. and that really healed my emotional injury for the past few days.

Secondly, i am sorry for not updating my 'diary' for the past few days. i was totally upset since thursday, it really ruined my entire enthusiasm and excitement for the weekend. i rather had my time alone to recover than boring you guys with my posts, full of complaints and negativity. and now im recovered, and yeah check out any further updates darlings! =)

thirdly, i am new in this public blogging. however i am very honoured knowing my diary is visited everyday by my beautiful strangers. thank you so much, from the deepest of my heart. i would appreciate more if you (all the experienced bloggers out there) could leave some comments or msgs, with your blogs tagged, so that i can pay you guys a visit and exchange blog addresses. anyway, thank you so much for everything-->all my beautiful strangers.
azzurri loves you.


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