Monday, 15 September 2008


Dear beautiful strangers,

i am homesick.
rindu mama.
rindu papa.
rindu Mimi, my sister.
rindu Hilmi, my brother
rindu my cousins.
rindu my grandpa.
rindu my aunties, uncles.
rindu my nephews. Darius, Fabian
rindu home sweet home.
ah.. rindunya. i sedih.

ok. i nak sambung napping. it's NHS holiday here today. thank God.


Captain HookEd said...

Captain HooKed's Theory of HomeSick:-

1.Hormonal imbalance - 2 weeks before menstruation women tend to have mood swings and hormonal disaster.

2. Loneliness - being in a foreign land ado side effect.

3. Its ramadhan - you miss mom's cooking.

4. Your mom's prayers reached ur heart, thus I call it, TELEPATHY.

azzurri said...

hooked: you are amazing. those systematics explanation actually does make sense. thanks so much babe :)

azzurri said...

that TELEPATHY? wow!i think ur right...