Monday, 22 September 2008

i lost. for the second time.

Dear beautiful strangers

last Friday. fancy dinner. with my surgery group.
i organized it.
at the Kismot Restaurant. Indian food based.
great restaurant. you are allowed to bring wine and beer, which was important.
food was amazing.

the company? it was alright.
R*bert was there.............................and Di*na too.
i spent the whole day to look good.
went to do my hair at 12 noon.
did my nails alone.
chose my velvet white dress which enhanced my boobs.
and sprayed on my favourite perfume D&G The One.

R*bert came with Di*na.
i was fine with that. totally. even tho i knew Di*na was playing a game.
to hurt me.
Dinner was great, i mingled a lot. so didnt concentrate on Robert alone or anyone else in particular.
i was with everyone. coz i felt obliged to do so.
i have to say, Diana looked pretty that night.

we planned to go to LaMonde Pub after that, for drinks and hang out.
i invited Di*ana. She said No as she needed to meet up with 'someone' after that.
then i wanted to ask R*bert.
before i managed to open my mouth to ask him, Di*ana shook her head and gave a signal to R*bert not to go.

that was then Robert said....
...sorry azzurri, i promised Di*ana to walk her back..

entah la. i rasa Di*na selfish!
because its supposed to be a group fun
and i know she was meeting up with someone else later that night
and NOT with R*bert.

and R*bert being 'smart', was willing to jeopardize his own fun just to walk a girl back.
plain stupid.
jealous? yes i am. because he's kinda made his choice on who's winning between me n Di*na.

some of you might wonder about Dr C*rlo C*resa. i will write about him in the next update.
have been trying to run away from him because this is it between us. i am done.

p/s: before Di*ana and R*bert left, Di*na actually turned back and winked at me! yes! BITCH is the word you're looking for.

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