Wednesday, 10 September 2008

my uterus contracting!

Dear Beautiful Strangers...

one BIG word for today!
i just finished an endless ward round in children ward,
lepas tuh, i sempat main 'sticking pictures' with one little boy, Liam
he's admitted because of bronchiolitis- inflammation of bronchial tree..
he's wheezy, coughing all the time
he's tiny little body shaken every time he had to cough something up
but nothing came out.

kesian dier, baru 1.5 tahun dah experienced so much
did i tell you guys, i love kids so much? too much actually!
being in the wards with them make me so happy, i just wanna play with them,
make them happy, make them smile, make them love me.
in fact, sekarang i dah mula rindu dgn boy tadi.. Liam.. i am too sensitive!

before i left, he said something with his kid accent.. so cute..

'Doctor, where are ya goin? r u comin back t'play with mey?'

it broke my heart.. really really broke my heart when he said that
but i had to leave, to work...

'to baby boy liam, i wish i could put you in my pocket and bring you back with me sweetie'

....there's nothing i could do, i had to work. so i went to him and smelt his head, and kissed his cheeks... uterus started contracting.. again!

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