Sunday, 7 September 2008

random-ness 2

Dear beautiful strangers,

hows everyone doing?
ampun kan i so much for being crap in updating my blog.
bz having fun this weekend la sayangs..

when i am typing this, its 747 pm which means another 10mins before i can eat
i hv been quite good in fasting this year
i didnt complain about hunger or thirst that much
probably, the weather has been helping me a lot

i am trying to cook nasi lemak today after 3 months not eating rice,
my mom suggested nasi lemak for my meal today
so i was like...'why not? i have not been eating rice for 3 months. so tonight may be the night'
my mom..'WHAT??! YOU HAVE NO RICE FOR 3 MONTHS?what is the matter with you? i blame your dad's English blood in you!!!'
..i thought that was really hillarious..

and also, someone said i was getting thinner,
she said i looked like a lollipop!
what a b*tch!! haha....
i think she might be rightt..... i ll start eating really well from now on....

and also, i had a fantastic tame weekend..
will share it with you soon.
till then, allow me to eat now sayangs...

(someone has been forgetting about me sejak puasa started... hmmm.... probably he's having fun break-fasting with his family kan? poor me....)


1 comment:

gfriday said...

when i first read the lollipop line, i trus imagined the ball lollipop, n i was like, 'why thinner??'. Then baru i teringat the existence of the round, flat lollipop hehe.

about the rice, I think we girls always think that rice=carb=hi calories=fatttt, hence the guilt of having it too often. What are u eating most of the time then? Enlighten me! Haha. Hateee my extra baggage!

So... are u staying with ur parents?