Tuesday, 11 November 2008

help me decide!

Dear beautiful strangers..

Should i go to Pangkor Island or bring my Scottish friends travel around Malacca whilst visiting my new niece, Mia? please decide for me..

Pangkor: it's an island, further from KL, shud be nice BUT such a hassle to drive up to Lumut, will cost more and i have gone for a beach vacation anyway, so it could be redundant!

Melaka: nearer, cost less, dont have to drive much, can visit Mia at the same time, BUT not a beach, so probably wont be as scenic.

so which one guys?



CapTaiN HooKeD said...

Sila ke Melaka, coz you've been to Langkawi....Dont ask why!!! Juz GO

Anonymous said...

azzurri melaka also got beach lah (though maybe not as beautiful as langkawi i guess) but in melaka you can go sight seeing lah.... i agree with hooked. go to melaka!!!

Kifli Bujang said...

Malacca NO beach! (I don't know bout Bitch!) but Historical City and just awarded Haritage City by UNDP--?

Pangkor, has beautiful beaches but dirty village and stuff -- base on my experiance 10 years back hahah.

Hari-hari I pergi HKL cari orang mati kat Forensik Department hehe

FirAzzurri said...

penang... just visit penang, i will brought u around the island...;-)