Thursday, 16 October 2008


Dear beautiful strangers

i am sorry. i am extremely ridiculously busy
i have exam next week. i am struggling now actually

the good news is- i'll be flying back to KL immediately after that
my schedule is actually still all over the place.
i will be spending a few nights in London after exam
then fly back to KL
and i may need to go to Sabah or Sydney after that,
-but that is still under discussion with my parents and the hospitals there.

however, the most important thing, ill be having a break for 3 months!
yes! i have not had holidays for the past 20 weeks.

ill talk to you soon right dearies
i have missed updating you guys with my pathetic stories.
we'll see. i hope i can squeeze in some time at any of the airports to update my blog
but i still love all of you :)


1 comment:

CapTaiN HooKeD said...

Hey azzuri, when will you be in KL, please buzz me, maybe we can meet up!!! I have so much DISEASE to be DIAGNOZED by you!! One of them is MORNING SICKNESS lol