Tuesday, 29 July 2008

drama-queen? Hell No!

Dear beautiful strangers,

how's everyone feeling? naughty? hiks!

anyway, just got back from hosp, doing ward rounds... and i myself am having allergic rhinitis. my place is soooo hazy today, and my sinuses are well-known to be very sensitive to any sort of contamination-smoke, haze, dust, stuffiness or even flies. u name it. i cant stand them all, health wise. not bein a Diva, mind you! hehe..

Yes, i fainted yest. in the operation theatre..how interesting. doctors are meant to treat patients. but then, there i was, fainted while treating a patient. how more embarrassing could it get?!

come to think of it, it looked kinda funny tho. i was late for the surgery, didnt manage to grab any breakfast or any sort of food beforehand. so when i entered the theatre, the anaesthetist was already busy making that patient unconscious.

surgeon: 'azzurri, do you wanna grab coffee or any sort first? we have some time'...
Me: oh no no, dont worry Mr X. i am totally fine, you know me, WORK ALWAYS COMES FIRST.. (super ass- kissing power!!! hik)
surgeon: Good then!

then we started, cutting here and there, burning here and there...


one sort of smell filling up the entire atmosphere of the room. smell of adipose tissue (fat!) being burnt. it's normal tho, but it isnt nice darlings, not at all!.. i started feeling funny in my tummy and throat. but No No No, i wouldnt mention it to anyone, 'WORK COMES FIRST' remember? hik!

at one point, i started seeing 'black dots' in my sight. n i was like 'where do all these dots come from?? my contact lenses? the bugs in these patient's anus? it cant be!!!' haha... (too much infos ha?.. stand it!)

one of the nurses: are you okay, your forehead is sweating like a beast's!
Me: *me smiling* i dont know. i dont think i am feeling that weee..........lll....

.................silence and shockness!.......

yes, I FELL OVER! (before everyone knew it!) yes, i DROPPED *Dead* *Gorgeous* in the operation theatre, literally smiling...! yes i was smiling when it happened. (whatever you wanna do, you have to do it pretty-ly) haha!

now, all the emergency attention was on me! Not on the patient, whose anus was half cut open! but on me!! haha (thats harsh)

oh well.. i was the drama queen there. so expectedly the attention must be on me. they brought me to the prep room to be informally resuscitated with fluids n all.. i got better after 10 mins. n i was banned from the theatre the whole day. i was sent home by a staff.

what happened after that??


i have got million SMS texts... not sympathy texts, but congratulating me for my well acting, coming from my Super-Ass-Kissing Power!

p/s: i really wanted to shout to the entire world, 'I WAS REALLY ILL! AZZURRI WAS ILL! N NOT DRAMA-QUEEN-ING! but oh well, who am i kidding? i was smiling when i passed out anyway, who would have been convinced?! hik


kadok said...

"whatever you wanna do, you have to do it pretty-ly)"...hahaha...funny..:p

Anonymous said...

saya setuju dengan kadok!!! :P

azzurri said...

kadok & am: hey, betullah tu kan?! ape pon yang kita nak buat, mestilah kita buat dalam keadaan cantik! pengsan pun mesti cantik! baru la org respect. hahaha.. ingat tu yer anak-anak... semua mesti cantik!