Tuesday, 29 July 2008

party theme?

Dear beautiful strangers,

i'm currently thinking of what theme for my flatwarming party next Friday evening. havent been successful in coming up with one cool theme :(

but i do know what i want.

.. i want people to look good...
.. i want the costume to be suitable for clubbing afterwards...
.. but 'the more skin, the better'.. hiks!

i have options:
1. cave men (but it doesnt really look good to go to a club with)
2. hula beach (again, not really looking good in the club, is it?)
3. foam party?! (it's too bloody messy for me to clean up the next day)
4. .....................(blank space)............

would any of you guys choose for me, or fill in the blank space for a better option? thank you!

p/s: i know i have a few silent strangers reading my blog, say something please dearies... it's gonna be well-appreciated =)



Anonymous said...

This may sounds boring, but I suggest something with colour.


Silent Reader

Anonymous said...

err..how can guys show more skin azzuri???huhuuu...i am so bad at planning party..hehhee...how bout make it leather wear??i mean i think it looks cool if u want to wear that to club..i think!!!

azzurri said...

Silent Reader: i actually like that idea! black and white will look posh and sophisticated. thank you!

am: guys with skin are the best am! :P sexylicious! *kidding* actualy come to think of it, leather does follow what i need
--->more skin, but ANIMAL skin! haha.. very cheeky am!

marjerin said...

im thinking..in thinking..ohh gosh..why the first things appear in mind is the 2-piece...

azzurri said...

2-piece?!!! :o

darcythewitty said...


I am another "silent reader".
I would suggest you go with the "retro" theme..it's easy to come up with that since the retro fashion make a comeback! You can even buy that disco big ball and decorate your flat with that.

Or..am i too late for this suggestion? (maybe u r done with ur flatwarming parties..)

Anyway, have fun!