Thursday, 31 July 2008

now and later

Dear beautiful strangers, a few hours time..

...i will be assessed by the surgeon..

...i will be presenting 3 cases..

...i will be doing a slide presentation..

...i will be grilled with thousands questions by the consultant.. knowledge and skill will be marked..

...and now..

...i'm having butterflies in my tummy..

...i'm having this huge nerve, which is slowly killing my brain cells..

...i'm hoping that everyone out there would pray for good things for me..

something that i need to know how to handle later in the test, a stomach cancer

*strangers out there, this is what you could get after 20 years of smoking*

...with all my luv..


CapTaiN HooKeD said...

r u in stobhill? tuudiah pepandai nya aku wat spekulasi, anyway all the best gal, Allah is awaly on your side, juz pray and let ALlah assist your hands to save people's life. Amin!!!

azzurri said...


thank you so much. Aminn!! (Hope Allah will assist you in all things you do too dearie)

kadok said...

nasib baik x merokok..:p