Saturday, 19 July 2008

i'm still here, when everyone else has gone

today.. Saturday.

woke up at 12pm. f*ra called to meet up, she's leaving this place in 2 days time. for good... yes. for-ever.. even if she comes back, it would be different. she would just be a visitor..

sedih. thats how i feel... another friend came and left. i have been in this place for years, and throughout i have experienced people coming and leaving. i thot i would have been used to it. but surprisingly No.

masih sedih. tetap sedih.

known f*ra for 7 years. the first time i visited her in her flat in spottiswood street in marchmont when i still didnt know anyone else in this foreign place. she introduced me to k*t, n*w and j*n, who have all left.. that's life i presume. people will keep coming and leaving. you have just got to get used to pertemuan and perpisahan kan?

semua orang dah pergi, tapi kenapa aku masih di sini...?

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kadok said...

i tot u r leaving too?....soon...:p