Friday, 18 July 2008

being anonymous

ooops did i mention that i actually blogged before? but i had to stop, because people started to know who i was, and started giving comments based on their judgement. n it's totally against the principle why i am writing.


so even if you are actually not a stranger, please be a doll and fake it.

if you ask me why i REALLY want to be anonymous,
1. i want a freedom of speech. by not being known i can express everything i think without fear of judgement. yes. everything.
2. freedom of expressing my feeling without hurting anyone i know, who may accidentally run into this blog.
3. i want my future reader/s to express their opinion of any of my writing without any bias judgement.
4. it's ALL about being ME, MYSELF and JUST ME.. without external restriction.

so.. let me be anonymous, as long as it makes me happy :)

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