Wednesday, 23 July 2008

my kekurangan your kelebihan

1.52 am... London time

... tak boleh tidur. that's me. when my brain has been working, and the momentum is still going on, i just cant get myself to sleep. tolongla. nak tidur. esok, i hv to be at the ward at 8am! entahla.. biler la routine nih akan habis?

i cuba carik punca momentum of my brain.ape yg i fikirkan sebenarnyer?

YES! dah tahu...

do you guys know (Malaysian readers, if there's any..), how lucky you are??! all of you memang bertuah!



kadang2 i rase i'm neither here nor there...not belong to Malaysia, not even belong to UK... no sense of being owned and owning. was born in Malaysia. live in UK, work in UK, for years and years and years. my time di Malaysia terlampau singkat for me to enjoy how it feels like being at home. my responsibility is all here, in the UK...

kadang2 teringin jadi macam anda semua.
complain about the hot weather.
complain about political controversies nowadays.
complain about macam2.
complain about traffic jam...

kadang2 teringin ikut anda semua pergi lunch dekat kedai yg jual mee goreng yg best (mamak?!), makan macam2 yg best2...

kadang2 teringin join anda semua gossiping abt things you put in ur blogs...

entah la..

nak elaborate ape yg i nak pon i tak tahu.. i dont have much experience back home for me to actually share with you guys.

i rasekan kekurangan yg i ade..
kekurangan jd half Malaysian and half not! literally and metaphorically.

entahla.. 'kadok' mungkin akan cakap..'you should be grateful azzurri...'
i know he would say that. betul tak? ;)

tapi kan. mungkin i dah penat?

penat jadi independent. too independent!


sha said...

hey, just drop by to say hi! tp i tak baca lg yg entries..hehehe..

sha said...

eh..kepala i tgh biol.. actually i nak kata "tp i tak baca lg YOUR entries" bukan YG..haishh

azzurri said...

hi sha. thanks for dropping by. nice to know you. and also, please copy your blog address here (i hv been there, but kinda lost the address). we can be blog buddies from now on!!! :)

Anonymous said...

hei....ermm..i read ur blog entry about the reason for the anonymity (i think this is the right spelling..:P)..i kiind of agree to ALL of it...hehehe...but in my case, i make it an exception to some of my friends..heheh..:D... and ohhh... well let me just give u my blog add..kalo ank dtg jenguk dipersilakan..kalo x, then its okay. no worries!


azzurri said...

hi am! oh that's good. at least i know i am not the only person in the world thinking that way :)

will definitely go to your blog. in fact, i might want to tag your blog to mine, if that is okay..

nice knowing you :)

kadok said...

maybe its time for u to find ur prince charming..:)

azzurri said...

thanks kadok for the suggestion :)

i have found him. dah 4 tahun dah. kalau ade masa, i introduce him to you :)