Wednesday, 30 July 2008

mimpiku and mimpimu..

Dear beautiful strangers,

...malam tadi i dreamt about me driving a very horrendously ugly car.. dah lar tuh, i drive terbalik! i drive from the back seat, dan facing backwards, tapi the car moves forward!!! ape tuh yek? what's the sign? am i gonna get prettier? hiks!....



marjerin said...

hurmm..maybe something that u dont put the much attention will get your serious attention.

i dont know...just guessing

azzurri said...

marjerin: so what is the 'thing' that you think i dont put much attention on?

marjerin said...

i dont know, again..maybe..something that close to you but u just neglected it before..

just guessing.

azzurri said...

marjerin: i think i know what you mean now...! we always take what we have for granted. we only treasure things, when they r gone. but it's already too late kan?!

you mmg dream interpreter ker?