Thursday, 24 July 2008

i'm against Curry! official!

tau tak kenapa i tak suka curry??!

sekali lagi, hari ni, curry embarrassed me!! i was trying so hard to look good in the hosp today kan?! (baca my previous previous entry-then u will know kenapa, sebab i 'kononnya' nak impress one boy in my ward group, so that my flirtatious friend would stop her intention!)

and stupidly stupidly stupidly, i ordered vegetarion curry for lunch! (i TAK PERNAH had huge lunch, but today i didnt know why i did that. too hungry i presume)

and guess what happened?

when i was actually carrying it to the seats, it spilled over my transparent zara cardigan (yes note the word 'transparent' there-trying very hard to be sexy here, my lovely readers..haha) and the stain is YELLOW in colour!!!

i wanted to cry so badly. i cant take the cardigan off. i am wearing very revealing top underneath. so do you know what that means?


oh no..............

p/s: i think i'll look better if i just go naked. can i just do that? ;) *joking*
pp/s: i think my niat tak baik kot. so Tuhan is teaching me a lesson! nak ajar org, i yg kene ajar balik.hik :p


marjerin said...

kesian yer dia..nway next do extra becareful ok?

salam kenal dr saya

azzurri said...

tulah.. i feel sorry for myself too =)

yes nice knowing you too. come and visit!

p/s: is 'marjerin' actually the margarine in Malay?

Anonymous said...

ouch..that must be very embarassed moment huh??u know what just act cool and be positive bout it. and i am sure that he will be mesmerized by it..

Anonymous said...

u put my blog in ur blog list...ohh..i am so touched and terharu (err..i thought touched and terharu means the same??whatever...)..well my blog friend i just return you the favour =P

marjerin said...

yeah dear..

marjerin actually margarine in malay.

azzurri said...

am: i dont know what 'terharu' is. so i cant help you right there. yes yes yes we r officially blog buddies! =)

marjerin: thank you for the informal teaching! am so excited for more to come.. =)

azzurri said...

am: anyway, didnt see Robert today! too embarrassed from yest's incident. but he just texted 'where i was the whole day' to my mobile. so i believe, that's one point to me despite the waldrobe malfunction! hik.