Saturday, 26 July 2008

memory of Ph*l while am getting hurt

last night went out for coffee with Anthony and our usual place Glenhas. it was a good tame decent chill-out and i enjoyed it. we had a good chat, catching up after a week not seeing each other as we were separated in different hospitals.

it's pretty scary to know some people were very passionate abt what they liked. Liaa for instance was so into surgery and she was in the operation theatre every single day 6 days a week. and I was just in for like 2 days a week. haha! i never liked surgery anyway, so oh well.. who am i kidding?! unless if there's any hot surgeons operating. hik. i remember when i was doing locomotor rotation, i had a HUGE crush on my orthopaedics surgeon, Mr Ph*l S*mpson. i went into the theatre EVERYDAY! i am not kidding. haha. and one thing that humored me so much when one day he said i was the only person he knew that could pull off scrubs very well. 'thank you very much Mr S*mpson'. oh did i mention that he was in his early 30s, single, a great rugby player,and i heard he became the man of a few matches he played in. so, wow, thats great isnt it? but things didnt end well. we went out to a pub once, and he got bloody drunk! i dont mind that, but at one point one creepy guy just came on to me with his dirty chat and started to touch me.of coz i would feel disgusted! Ph*l was in his own world, not realizing what h haad been happening to me. and that creepy guy went on holding my arm strongly, when i was trying hard to get away. everyone in the pub was so bz getting drunk, and couldnt care less of what was happening around them. so i was struggling to leave that guy, and that was when my top got torn off right at the arm!! and it was my fav top. i got extremely pissed off not just with that creepy guy, but most importantly with Ph*l who was already hammered. i decided to just leave. and that was the last time i saw him. he of coz tried so many times to contact me but oh well.. i was never in the mood to reply.

ok enough about him.

so after chatting with anthony and liaa, we left the cafe around 12am. liaa needed to be at the Emergency Room early in the morning. look how passionate she is. it freaks me a little. when i passed a pub on the way home, i saw Al*son, T*sha and S*rena hanging out with a few blokes i didnt think i knew. they told me there's a party at Ol*via's tonight. Great! i just cant wait. i need a party to dance my pain away. (what pain? hik. yes i am hurt. by 'him'. 'he' must be reading this. yes you hurt me. thanks to you)

one problem. i havent decided what to wear...

2 choices:
a new blue top (kinda low-cut, very tight, but too striking-color wise)
an old red top (not a low cut, but very tight as well, not striking color, but i hv worn
that a lot)--> hv still not decided!

i might be spending the whole day digging into my wardrobe. or prob just go shopping n buy new clothes. i dont know. we ll see.

wait for my next post to know if anything 'interesting' happens at the party.hik.


Anonymous said...

i say (although you have put it in ur post after this one) go buy a new top!!hiks! (says the one who is a shopaholic) :P

azzurri said...

ur too late la Am!!
tp memang i should have bought new clothes kan?! nak teman shopping? hik!