Monday, 6 July 2009

my big day-->my wedding day!

Dear beautiful readers

Apa kabar kamu? i am awesome!
While i am typing this,my mom is in the kitchen frying 'chikodok'-->whatever that is.
Yes, mom is here visiting me, so is my sister. and my mom has been cooking Malaysian food everyday. yum yum! so, as expected my appetite has been partying extravagantly.

tomorrow is my big day. my Graduation! (haha,...mesti ader yang tertipu! sorry Love, just messin w'ya) the day i am registered with the World/General Medical Council. wooohooo.... i hope tomorrow will go as perfectly as possible. i hope the weather will be all smashing and spectacular!

tonight i will be goin out to see T*sha, Al*son, S*rena, M*ke, J*nny and a few more for a wee celebration in Doctors Pub. probably tht will be the time to kiss some of them goodbyes. sob sob.

also.. to my lovely friends, ill be arriving in Malaysia on the 19th of July with my mom and sis. i sedang pujuk Kadok to fetch me from KLIA tapi as usual he seems reluctant :( terpaksa la i carik KLIA limousin.

ok la sayangs, my moms cooking dah ready. you take care. doakan i gembira tomorrow :)


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kad0k. said...

hey...i tot we were agree? hahaha..:p..

owhh...sebelum terlupa...congratulation..:)

btw..its cekodok..not chikodok ok..:p