Monday, 15 December 2008

my birthday is today!

Dear beautiful strangers,

Hope everyone is well. I am now in Damai Beach Resort Kuching, Sarawak with my entire family celebrating my birthday. Papa, mama, my aunt, my uncle, my bro, his fiancé, me and Joshua.

Yes, my birthday is today à 15 December! Without any year mentioned! Hehe..

Hehe… I am still sweet and young okay? Just put it that way…

So last night, around 12am, everyone came to my room and Joshua’s and gave me birthday kisses. Yeay! Then, my aunt came in with Cake Lapis S’wak, as my birthday cake. Unique huh? I found it exotic. And yummy.

Then I waited for all my family members to light off. Why? Joshua wanted to take me out for birthday drinks! Hehehe.. naughty me. Yes we went out to Blue Lagoon at Crowne Plaza Hotel, for refreshing birthday cocktails. Hmm .. so sweet of him.

Today we went to do massive shopping:
kain pua kumbu Sarawak
rattan craft Sarawak- baskets, shell curtains, mats, hats (for me of course!)
30 slices cake lapis Sarawak
Sarawak batik
Sarawak vasesà Five of them, large ones!
borneo pearlsà 800pounds worth! Crazy….!

…etc etc etc.

I don’t know how much I have spent today. But now looking at all these stuff, all the exhaustion seems worth it. One problem is in my head- how on earth am I going to bring these boxes back to KL? Haha.. good luck to us with the custom!

Tonight we are planning to go out for a birthday dinner w my family. Somewhere special, hopefully we can find a good posh restaurant (that I like) somewhere in Kuching.

Will update you guys soon. Cheerio…!



Anonymous said...

who's joshua???

kad0k. said...

happy belated birtday..:)..wishing u all the best..semua yang best2..:)