Monday, 23 February 2009

update on my life, hows that?

Dear beautiful strangers

hows everyone doing?
lama tak jumpe kan? i mean .. jumpe online!
i visit my blog everyday, tapi takde masa nak write down something.
busy la sayang..

ape yer nak update you guys on.
first, i still havent decided whether to work in Leeds or KL.
i masih pening and stressed out over it.
if there's any Malaysian doctor reading my blog out there, can you please let me know how the posting allocation system works back in the country?
i have no idea
thanks in advance

love life?
well.. my life has been boring
i have a good close mate called joshua right now.
and there s nothing much to talk about him
he's well and fine

do you guys remember Dr C*rlo C*r*sa?
yes, he's back in my life
as a good friend
i have stopped all those hintings and flirtings.
how obvious could a girl be anyway?

well.. im going away for a holiday in Amsterdam on the 13th of march for a few days
i need a break
i need to do some fashion emergency shopping

also, i have gained 3 kilos since i got bk from KL
and still having no intention to lose any weight
like most of you have already known, i have stopped modelling temporarily,
to focus on my medical life
so no point of suffering to be skinny, right?

ape lagi yer nak update you guys on
...well, kalau ade ape2 nak tanyer, tanyer la kay.
i dah tak tau nak cerita ape.

hospital library nih pon dah makin empty, i tak balik lagi..

bye sayangs..


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